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Sales Masters Package

A successful transactional sale requires vast knowledge of personalities, issues and objections and how to overcome these challenges to close a transaction.  The sales process is intricate in nature, sensitive in application and differs with communication styles. 

The Sales Masters Workshop is a full-circle curriculum that forces sales persons to evaluate the sale from every angle: customers, impact on the business and how it affects their repeat business.  This program is a hands-on application of tools and techniques one needs to succeed in a sales environment.

F&I Package

This program was developed to teach innovative and effective techniques for F&I selling, designed to accelerate penetration and profit.

▶︎ The "2 Minute Presentation"

▶︎ Preparing the Perfect TO

▶︎ Build value in the customer's mind

▶︎ Menu presentation techniques

▶︎ Creating up-sell opportunites

▶︎ Overcoming customer objectives

▶︎ Compliance - Understanding the rules and laws

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Paul Webb’s unique training approach combines an “interactive” and “guided discovery” learning process with timed-tested effective sales and management techniques. Humor is used – when they’re laughing – they’re listening. When they listen, they learn. A licensed NLP Master Trainer since 1999, Paul Webb is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and uses this science as the foundation for his training programs. Webb’s training technique has an ability to transfer information and focus learning to create an environment that helps others find the motivation in themselves to achieve their greatest business goals….increasing sales and multiplying profits!

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