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Call Center - BDC

Our staff members are trained professionals that know how to set appointments, be sympathetic to customer needs and handle objections. We offer "Outbound" assistance for the following:

▶︎ Internet Leads

▶︎ UnSold Traffic

▶︎ Service Follow Up

▶︎ CSI Follow Up

▶︎ Reputation Management (Social Media)

CRM Integration And Monitoring:

In order to insure that our staff is working at the highest level of performance, we are integrated into most CRM platforms* to monitor call tracking and outbound call recordings. The Dealership can see our daily workflow as well as listen to what our BDC professionals are saying.
* CRM companies charge a fee to initiate these recorded and tracking services.

Dedicated Local or Toll-Free Phone Line & Texting Platform:

We supply a dedicated Local Area Code or Toll-Free Phone Number for your Dealership. In addition, the agent handling your account has a dedicated texting line (or WhatsApp Group) to notify your Sales Managers directly when a hot prospect or appointment is set as well as verify inventory.

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