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IRM Consultant Group offers our unique "Virtual Internet Director Packages" that guarantees quick response times, as well as short and long term manual (not automated) follow up campaigns. We are virtual in the means of location, yet our team is live and hands-on, insuring that no lead is left untouched!

Package #1

Your Dealership receives a dedicated director who will answer your leads for you 17 hours a day / seven days a week with
an intelligent custom email that is tailored to your clients request (No AutoResponse). As well as a Next Day Follow up manual email (prior to 9:00am).

Package #2

Dedicated First Response Director + Next Day Follow up
manual email (prior to 9:00am), 48 hr follow up and Friday Manual Weekly Invite (not automated, these are all live weekly invites that allow us to review correspondence and identify buying signs prior to sending an invite). We take pride in the fact that our responses are personalized and address the clients needs. This package includes a dedicate BDC Staff member to insure that each client receives phone follow up calls and appointment settings.

Package #3 - Sales Manager Intervention

This package includes all of the above yet requires accountability from your
Sales Manager Staff. We direct the "Hot Leads" that need attention directly to the Sales Manager (MI-Manager Intervention). When we see "Buying Signs" and your Internet Staff can not get a commitment, a Sales Manager Intervention is needed. We then monitor the status of the lead and insure that follow up is being handled. This package gets the best results and makes the Team 100% accountable, guaranteeing that job gets done. A performance report is reviewed, graded and sent out daily (Monday-Friday).

Custom Package:

We offer custom packages, including a dedicated phone room staff; Long term follow up (email & phone) and custom CRM programing process that insures you that no lead gets lost in the process.

* We offer both Old School or New School approaches to handling your Internet Leads and provide process for both methods.

*Prices vary depending on Dealer Lead Count Size, please call for a quote: 949-565-1050
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